Who's that Girl


The first thing you will notice about Lisa is she really could be Madonna, in every way possible. 

Her eyes, her smile, and yes that famous gap between her teeth.  A double take is always needed when a Superstar enters the room and a double take she commands.

"The persona of Madonna is something that just comes naturally to me" explains Lisa. "I've been an admirer of her work since the Virgin Years, and with hard work and determination to be recognised as the ultimate impersonator, I have achieved that"

Thanks to friends in the business Lisa has the best costumes, hair and make up a girl could wish for.  

After a few years of working on the club and corporate circuit Lisa first came to the attention of the British viewing public when she appeared on LWT's  "Stars and their Doubles"  sharing the stage with Kylie, Geri and Posh Spice Lookalikes. It was Lisa's electrifying performance as Madonna while using the backdrop of Madonna's Drowned World Tour, that she won "Best Female Pop Star Lookalike". 

Lisa was interviewed live by Lorraine Kelly on the morning of Madonna's "Drowned World Tour" which made her the centre of attention when she attended the Show that evening.